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Suryodaya Seva Sanstha

Jagya Tyar Thi Savar
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Suryodaya Seva Sanstha is a registered Charity Organization under 80G

We, Suryodaya Seva Sanstha, are a Voluntary service organization incorporated in the year 2014. In the last few years, times have changed, and according to the changing times, the needs have changed, with humanitarian problems rising manifold. Suryodaya has been receptive to these changes, and we, as a charitable organization, have tried to keep pace with these changing times. We have the vision to remain one step ahead of the changing times.

The members of Suryodaya Seva Sanstha have to ultimately take initiatives and adopt a structured approach to continue fulfilling our programs and ideology.

We need to lead the changes in our thinking, attitude, working interpersonal relations and communication. We have over the years enhanced the brand of Suryodaya Seva Santha by growing financially, taking up more projects for the needy, increasing our membership across the board and cooperating with other like-minded organizations by networking with them for various projects.

Adoption of Orphanage
City Mission of India Trust, Badlapur

Every child’s circumstances and experiences are different. And the causes behind why children end up in orphanages vary from one location to another. Though 100 years of scientific research has shown how orphanages damage children, an estimated 8 million children worldwide are still confined to loveless institutions. It is a global crisis. 80% of the children in orphanages have a living parent but are abandoned due to poverty, disabilities or discrimination. So we at Suryodaya decided to work for these orphan girls and provide them education, food,  clothes, stationery etc. Every year we join the kids during the Diwali celebration donating various food articles, delicacies and brand new clothes to make them feel loved and looked after. Besides this, every month, we make a monthly donation of Rs 15000/- towards their ration needs, a small contribution to bring smiles to their face.

Since 2015

We distribute Vegetable Khichdi  to more than 200 people every alternate Thursday in the slum area of Dahisar streets.

2016 - 17

School Fees Sponsorship in Dahisar (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • Charities in education make learning possible for students of all ages, from pre-school to graduate school. It also provides other educational services and opportunities that help make schools more effective, efficient and accessible to students.
  • With this spirit, we have sponsored fees to 100 students from low-income families.
  • We have also provided eco-friendly sanitary napkins with an awareness programme on hygiene and safety.


All the projects from 2020 will primarily be contributions towards various causes, executed remotely, keeping in mind the restrictions on the movement and social distancing required by the CORONA Pandemic Control Guidelines.

We have been distributing rations to the underprivileged families for whom getting basic food/ration on a daily basis was becoming a more significant challenge. Some of these families did not have any earning members and in some cases, they were abandoned by the one earning in their family.

Kudos to our volunteers who laid the groundwork for reaching out to such deserving families amid the pandemic.  We do it every month as an ongoing project. Ration for one family costs around Rs. 1000/- per month.  We are helping around 15 families every month and would continue to add more needy families for ration donation, albeit with your financial support and blessings.

2021 - 22

Mokhada Village Project
  • In collaboration with the Nanma Charitable Foundation, we have adopted the village Mokhada, wherein we will be providing meals for 60  malnourished kids every day. We will be feeding them fruits, bhaji, chapati, milk and boiled eggs for proteins regularly.
  • We will be conducting awareness programmes every quarter for them and teaching them about hygiene and medical issues.

Our Team

adv jayesh sapra
Adv. Jayesh Sapra
nancy sapra
Nancy Sapra


bijal waghela
Bijal Waghela
mrudul p
Mrudul P.
prakash p
Prakash P.
neelam p
Neelam P.

Our Leaders

Our Committee

President: Mrs. Nancy Sapra

Secretary: Mrs. Bijal Waghela

Treasurer: Adv. Jayesh Sapra

Our Committee Members

Mr. Mrudul Prabhakan

Mr. Prakash Sriyan

Mr. P. Agrawal

Mrs. Neelam Panchmatia

Mrs. Anuradha Mukherjee

Our Partners in Service

Nanma Foundation

City Mission of India Trust (Orphanage)

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Bank Name: Union Bank of India

IFSC Code: UBIN0904309

Account Number: 520331002454240

You can connect with us on 9869225234, Mrs. Nancy Sapra (President)

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